Kiki McDonough Lola Blue Topaz Hoops

I quite like these earrings chosen by the Duchess for more formal events and appearances. They’re opulent and glittery enough for palace duties, but they’re also a very contemporary pair of earrings, marking Kate as a modern style icon who knows that her place in world history as a British royal means that her look should feature current jewelry styles.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

From the company’s website: “A new design to the Lola Collection these stunning blue topaz and diamond hoops in 18ct white gold add a splash of colour for every day. Also available in a mini size and a matching pendant to complete the look.”

I must thank Diana’s Jewels for information on the details about these earrings.

These earrings are a part of the Lola collection. There are 11 blue topaz stones set in white gold. The bottom 4 stones are larger than the remaining 7. The stones become smaller as they lead to the top of the hoop. There is a small, diamond covered white gold ear hoop attached to the hoop. A small diamond fills in the spot where the two meet.

Here is is on Kate.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


The photo above is my favorite look on Kate that include these earrings. It was taken at the UK’s Creative Industries Reception at the Royal Academy of the Arts in 2012. Her outfit is by Roksanda Ilincic

The cost of these is £3,200 or approximately $4,734.  


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