Winged Dangle Earrings

I’ve named these earrings Winged Dangle Earrings because I don’t know the official name for them or the company that made them.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


These were worn before her engagement to William. It looks like she was entering or leaving a nightclub when she was wearing these.

lazy girls2


These look like a butterfly design (possibly) and appear to be made of silver (either sterling silver or silver plated). It’s difficult to get a decent closeup, but these appear to feature slightly curved metal pieces with a tiny metal ball at the end. There is a metal “head” at the top attached to a connecting hook.

If anyone knows where Kate might have gotten this pair from or what company made them, you can email me.  .


2 thoughts on “Winged Dangle Earrings

  1. Unfortunately I have no idea. However, I can tell you that this picture was taken on April 30, 2008 outside Bouji Nightclub. Maybe this can help you with the researches 😉


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