Cassandra Goad Temple of Heaven Girandole Pendant Earrings in Yellow Gold

Of the few true yellow gold pieces Kate owns, this pair of earrings is one of the more unique ones.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


I think the name for this is well chosen. The earrings do look like they could serve as pendants.

They are made of 9kt gold. The website calls them “Temple of Heaven girandole earrings with clip and post.”

The earrings are made of one small diamond shaped gold cut-out, three oval shaped gold cut-outs and three circle shaped cut-outs all attached in a chandelier style. The ovals and circles are attached to six tiny gold balls At the very top is the triangle, followed by two ovals equidistant from each other. Suspended halfway down these two ovals is the third oval. The pattern repeats with the three circles. The first two circles are suspended at the middle of the third oval, at either side of the oval. The third circle finishes off the design, its position at the center of the earring.

Here is is on Kate:

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Kate wore this at the following events:

A party for Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, to celebrate their wedding.
Reception at the Imperial War Museum in 2012
Place2be Wellbeing in School Awards

The cost of these is £1. 395, or $2,082.


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