Mappin & Webb Fortune White Gold Mid Length Necklace

Kate tends to rely on this necklace a lot when she needs a small piece of jewelry to wear with her business casual outfits.


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From the website: “This unique gold necklace from the Mappin & Webb Fortune collection features 0.97 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds set in 18 carat white gold; a celebration of luck and good fortune. The chain measures 46 cm (18 inches).”

While I think the necklace is beautiful, I don’t see it as being unique. It’s a simple twist circle studded with diamonds, attached to a white gold loop strung through with a white gold chain.

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Kate wore this to the ICAP Art Room opening (which was mentioned in this post).

Photo credit: www.
Photo credit: www.


I quite like this pairing of the cool toned earrings and necklace with the royal blue LK Bennett dress. She wore these same earrings and necklace with a red Katherine Hooker dress, and I wasn’t particularly fond of that look because I think red outfits could use some yellow gold jewelry instead.

In the photo below she is wearing it at the Brookhill Children’s Centre in March of 2015.

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Photo credit:


The cost of this is £3, 950, or $6,041.


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