Kiki McDonough Kiki Classic Peridot and Blue Topaz Double Oval Studs

We’ve seen this pair on Kate just once. I’m desperately longing to see them again, because they are one of the most striking earring sets in her collection.

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From the website: “A firm Kiki favourite; these double oval stud earrings come in an array of vibrant colour combinations and are exceptionally easy and fun to wear. This pair features stunning peridot, blue topaz and diamonds set in 18ct yellow gold.”

I want to point out that Kate’s pair actually does not have the diamonds shown in the stock photo. Hers have been replaced with smaller peridot stones.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


An oval peridot sits atop a slightly larger oval blue topaz stone. To fill in the gap where these two meet, there are two small peridot stones nestled in the empty space.

Kate wore them to the African Cats premiere in April 2012. They complement her Matthew Williamson dress quite nicely.

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Photo credit:


The cost of these is £1,400 or $2,140.


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