Claudia Bradby Rose Quartz and Amazonite Camellia Necklace

Kate worked for Jigsaw from 2006 to 2007 as an accessories buyer. During this time, she collaborated with jewelry designer Claudia Bradby to create a new design of necklace for Jigsaw’s junior section.

Kate also wore one of Claudia Bradby’s necklaces for a time. Her chosen necklace was the Camellia.

Photo credit: Splash Images
Photo credit: Splash Images


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From the website: “The design that caught the eye of Kate Middleton, our amazonite and rose quartz on sterling silver hoop necklace is an exquisite piece of jewellery that will accesorise your wardrobe beautifully. Length 81.5cm.

Rose quartz and amazonite are both associated with love and said to balance the emotions and promote calm.”

It’s a rather fun and colorful necklace. It features silver hoops throughout a long silver chain. Some of the hoops are fitted with either a round rose quartz stone or a round amazonite stone.

Kate casually wore this necklace throughout 2007, sometimes pairing it with her more costly Asprey 167 Button pendant.

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Photo credit:


The cost of this necklace is £207 or $325.


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