Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

Shortly after she became engaged to William, Kate started wearing these sapphire and diamond earrings.

They sort of remind me of daisies. The way the diamonds cluster around the sapphire is reminiscent of a daisy flower. From what I have learned, this design is called a “halo setting”.

kate sap close


Many people believe (and I also believe this). that these earrings once belonged to Princess Diana. She wore them as stud earrings. They were reset with a diamond post so Kate could wear them as drop earrings (which is more her style).

Take a look at them side by side:


And here:

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

I definitely think these are the pair Kate was given. The most obvious reason these were chosen is because they go with her engagement ring.

A single sapphire cabachon set in what might be gold is surrounded by ten small diamonds. On Kate, there is one diamond attached to a post so that she might wear them as drop earrings.

Kate wears these quite frequently. They are her go-to pair of earrings whenever she wears a blue outfit.

ANZAC Day in Australia.

Photo credit: www,
Photo credit: www,


At the Royal Maritime Museum.

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Photo credit:

In Santa Barbara, California.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

At EACH Children’s Hospice.

Photo credit: Press Association
Photo credit: Press Association



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