Lola Rose Open Heart Necklace

The Kate effect was in effect before she married William.

Back in 2005, Kate attended a horse trial event wearing this open heart necklace in a greenish-baby blue shade.


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The necklace is no longer available for purchase. Kate Middleton’s Style did a great job of archiving the company’s information on it.

“As seen on Kate Middleton, the classic Lola Rose New Medium Open Heart Pendant is a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. You can feel special in any outfit with this pendant, as the cord can be tied at any length you choose to suit all necklines.”

The necklace is a cut-out heart pendant made of what looks to be either blue or aqua chalcedony. The heart is slightly lopsided and somewhat rounded. It’s attached to a suede cord wrapped around it at the top, near the center. There is no connector between the cord and the pendant.

It appears more blue on Kate.

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Photo credit: www,
Photo credit: www,



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