Choice Selections for Kate: Volume 2

I found some pieces by Astley Clarke that I think would look great on Kate.

They remind me a little of her style prior to her marriage. Do you agree?

Astley Clarke Moonlight Star Mosaic 18ct Gold Vermeil Necklace- £265

This gold and white round pendant is adorable and perfect for everyday functions and engagements. I think the combination of white and gold is a nice change from cool metal tones.





Astley Clarke 18ct Gold Vermeil Blue Topaz Necklace- £195

I would love to see a simple blue topaz necklace on Kate. This one is simple and pretty enough to match her style.

blue topaz



Astley Clarke 18ct Gold Vermeil Moonstone Necklace- £160

If blue topaz is too bold of a color for her, this moonstone necklace would be a nice alternative. It could also go with many of her casual outfits.





Astley Clarke Stilla Labradorite Drop Earrings- £125

This pair of earrings may be a little outside of her comfort zone, but she could pull them off, I think. It would be nice to see her wearing a stone like labradorite.



Tory Burch Babylon Horn Necklace- £220

Given how much Kate likes Patrick Mavros jewelry, I bet she would love this horn necklace. It would fit in with her work for conservation efforts in Africa.


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