Mirabelle Lolita Gold Plated Loop Earrings

Kate first wore these earrings to an event hosted by the Fostering Network in January 2015.

Kate Middleton Style Mirabelle jewellery Lolita Gold Plated Loop Earrings  www.newmyroyals.com
Kate Middleton Style Mirabelle jewellery Lolita Gold Plated Loop Earrings http://www.newmyroyals.com


From the website: “Small Gold Plated loop earrings, 22 carat on Brass. 4cm long. The Hooks are sterling silver Gold Plated.”

Lolita is made of three gold plated brass hoops which increase slightly in size as they drop down to the next hoop. The hoops themselves are hammered flat. A hook is twisted at the base to clasp the first hoop.

These are from the Mythology Collection and are handmade and said to be fair trade.

The website also mentions the Gina earrings: “Gina and Lolita are very similar, get the Kate Middleton look by wearing Lolita! Lolita is a bit shorter than Gina, Kate is seen here wearing Lolita.”

Gina’s design is very similar to Lolita’s. The main difference between Gina and Lolita is the larger top hoop on Lolita. Gina’s top hoop is significantly smaller 

Here they are on Kate at the January event. She is wearing Hobbs Animal Print dress.

Photo credit: stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com
Photo credit: stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com

She also brought these out for Wimbledon 2015. She paired them with her LK Bennett Cayla dress.

Photo credit: www.marieclaire.co.uk
Photo credit: http://www.marieclaire.co.uk


The cost of these is £30.00 or approximately $47.


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