Shopping with Kate: Heavenly Necklaces Haul I

I’m really excited to share with you my first purchase from Heavenly Necklaces. Even if Kate had never worn their pearl and diamond earrings, I would still be drawn in by their gorgeous merchandise.

The package shipped rather quickly. The estimated delivery time for international addresses is about 2-3 weeks. Mine took a little less than 2 weeks.

It arrived in a small plastic mailing bag. The jewelry was nicely wrapped in black tissue paper and was taped shut with a Heavenly Necklaces logo label. Each piece was placed in a black drawstring bag, and each bag was wrapped in bubble wrap. Inside each drawstring bag the jewelry item was wrapped very securely in black tissue paper. I’m pleased with this because it’s a more environmentally friendly method of packaging (I never know what to do with tiny cardboard jewelry boxes).





The Fine Eternity Ring


I am not married nor do I plan on getting married, but I do love the look of diamond eternity bands. It’s such a simple yet stunning way to add sparkle to one’s finger. I noticed this one was marked down by 15%, so I decided to get it.

It fits my middle finger.


You can better see the pretty sparkle of it here:



Finer Gold Amethyst Detachable Drop.



The photo below shows the back of the drop (on the left).


And here they are on my Zales huggie hoops (mentioned here):





And here are the famous “pearl and diamond” earrings, owned by both Kate and the Countess of Wessex.


I ordered the Medium size (9mm). I photographed these in the Zales box because it was hard to get a decent photo by simply laying them on the surface. You couldn’t see the front of the earring. These don’t come with any box, in case you’re wondering.

I wasn’t sure if I should get these at first. I didn’t know if they would suit me. I’m so happy I decided to get them because they really are amazing and versatile. I can wear them with pretty much any outfit, and depending on how little or much jewelry I wear they can go with casual or dressy outfits. They’re beautiful and I can see why Kate chose them. 🙂

I am really delighted with my order. I will definitely be buying more from Heavenly Necklaces. 



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