RepliKate for Mappin & Webb Empress White Gold and Diamond Drop Earrings

I was in a Francesca’s store recently just browsing, and I saw something that made my heart leap.

It was these earrings, the pendants almost-exact duplicates for Kate’s Mappin & Webb earrings. 

Here are the Mappin & Webb earrings:

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


Here are the Francesca’s version.







These are silver plated and made with cubic zirconias. The differences are:

-Absence of a leverback clasp (they are fitted with a French hook).
-The M&W earrings are 15x30mm. The Francesca earrings are just a little bigger than 10mm. Therefore they are considerably smaller than Kate’s earrings.
-The center motif is similar, but not exactly the same. The Francesca earrings feature an equal armed cross in the center, while the M&W version feature a cluster of diamonds in the center of four spade-shaped holes. Despite these difference, at a distant it looks very similar to M&W’s earrings.

If you did wish to own these as a decent repliKate, you could take them to a jeweler and ask that they switch out the French hook for a longer leverback clasp.

These cost $12 USD.


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