Shopping with Kate: Accessorize Haul I

During her pre-marriage years, Kate wore various jewelry pieces and accessories from this UK-based, affordably-priced company.

Luckily for us Yanks, they opened up some stores across the U.S. I went to one in Virginia and purchased a few things.

I’m in love with the gorgeous pink and black design of their shopping bags. It’s hip, chic and feminine all at the same time.



I bought three items: one necklace, one pair of earrings, and one bracelet.



I have been wanting a pair of teardrop crystal earrings like these for some time now. They are so pretty and very wearable. I wore them to work today. They also pair well with dressier outfits. I can wear them to the opera the next time I go.


Here is my new pale blue teardrop gemstone statement necklace.

blue necklace


I’ve been wanting to own more bracelets, so I got this blue and gold multi-chain number. It has a cute little charm with “A” on it for Accessorize.



The sales associate who rang me up was very sweet. There was a sale running at the time which allowed me 20% off if I purchased two or more items. The sales associate decided to be kind and gave me 40% off the entire purchase! I paid just under $35 for the items shown above.

I’m happy with what I bought. Every piece seems to be sturdy and well-made. I always worry about costume jewelry being shoddy and prone to falling apart, but it looks like that won’t happen with these.

Which pieces do you own from Accessorize? Is there anything you’d want to buy from them?


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