Shopping with Kate: Heavenly Necklaces Haul II

I took advantage of the Winter 2016 special offers to buy a few things I’ve been wanting.

I discussed my thoughts on HN’s packaging and customer service in this post.  Therefore, I will  only focus on the products I bought this time around and not the parcel wrappings or shipping service.

Riviera Flower “Diamond” Leverback Earrings



These are so beautiful and delicate. They are not heavy at all and add lots of sparkle without being too showy. The regular price for these is £62. I got them on Special Offer for £31. However, now that the January sale is over, the price has now increased again.

I wanted some more detachable drops, so I chose the prasiolite and indigo quartz ones.

Finer Gold Green Amethyst Detachable Drop.

green amethyst


On my diamond and gold hoops.



Finer Gold Indigo Quartz Detachable Drop.



On the diamond and gold hoops.

indigo hoop


As with the Purple Amethyst drops, I love these and I am so happy I chose them. My detachable drops collection is growing quickly! These cost me £38 each instead of the usual £46.

Finer Gold Gemstone Drops can be found here.



2 thoughts on “Shopping with Kate: Heavenly Necklaces Haul II

  1. Gorgeous! They always seem more beautiful on your posts than on the HN website imho!

    You certainly did well with bargains galore! Gorgeous finds…well done.


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