RepliKate for Kiki McDonough Classic Green Amethyst and Diamond Cushion Drop Earrings

I think I have a decent repliKate for the green amethyst cushion cut drops on gold hoops.

I used my Zales hoops and I got the green amethyst drops from Heavenly Necklaces. 


For comparison, here is the Kiki version:

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


And here they are on Kate:

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


The HN version are slightly larger at 12mm, Kate’s version is 10mm. I also think her version is more cool-toned. Mine is more yellow (although the difference is very slight).


8 thoughts on “RepliKate for Kiki McDonough Classic Green Amethyst and Diamond Cushion Drop Earrings

  1. Sadly I don’t have anything by Kiki,…yet! We do go to the store when in London and it’s lovely but tbh I think it’s expensive for what it is compared to other retailers. The Kiki hoops are so small irl I was really shocked!

    Did you see Pippa was wearing Kiki earrings at the BHF fundraising event she attended last week?


    1. No, I didn’t. Can you send me a picture?

      I agree with you about how expensive they are. I think they are mostly a status symbol brand. Some of the simpler pieces can obviously be made for less money (thinking of the Citrine Teardrop Earrings here).


  2. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply! I have been waiting for it like ages! I will definitely take a look at the piece you recommended at ross-simons! It surely helps!

    I really am fond of your blog and am amazed of the way in which you can find the exact replica of every piece of jewelry Kate wears!

    Again, thank you so much!


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