Gold and Green Stone Quatrefoil Pendant Necklace

Kate wore this necklace to her university graduation.

Photo credit: My Small Obsessions

At first, I didn’t realize it was the same necklace she wore in this post, because it was flipped around.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

The pendant is a thin gold quatrefoil with a 6 petal gold flower in the center. There is a green gemstone in the middle of the flower. Four marquise-shaped green stones reach from the corners of the flower to touch the inner curve of the quatrefoil. The green stones may be emeralds, tsavorite garnet, or simply colored quartz.

The discussion surrounding this necklace is quite interesting. At first, I believed this to be a mere costume jewelry piece. After reading some information on My Small Obsessions, I found out that this could actually be an antique necklace. A MSO Facebook fan discovered an Edwardian era necklace that is in the same style as Kate’s necklace.

Photo credit: My Small Obsessions
Photo credit: My Small Obsessions


With this new information, I have some questions:

1) If this really is an antique piece made of real gold and real gemstones,. why doesn’t Kate wear it more often? It’s obviously a valuable piece of fine jewelry.

2) If Kate no longer wears this, does this mean she does not have access to it? Was it a borrowed piece? Is it a family heirloom that truly does not belong to Kate?

3) If this is not an antique necklace, is it simply costume jewelry made to imitate Edwardian style jewelry? To me, the gold does sparkle in a way costume jewelry gold doesn’t.



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