Vinnie Day Gold Disc and Citrine Pendant Necklace

At the Youth Reception in Canada (2011), Kate wore another Vinnie Day piece, a bespoke necklace.

Photo credit: My Small Obsessions/Vinnie Day
Photo credit: My Small Obsessions/Vinnie Day


At first, many people couldn’t ID this necklace because we couldn’t find it on Vinnie Day’s website or any other company’s website. The reason for this is because it was a bespoke piece made just for Kate.

From My Small Obsessions: 

“Vinnie Day sent this photo of the gold citrine necklace Kate wore during the North American in 2011 to Arwenn who was enquiring about the necklace for herself. As you see, here all details match, chain, tiny citrine, size and everything.
I got this ID, when I was doing my posts on Duchess’ jewellery. Vinnie Day left a comment saying “Hi Anna, The UFO Necklace with circle pendant is one of my bespoke pieces. Please update this on your blog. Many thanks, Vinnie Day” “

 It consists of three pendants. The first is a round, flat gold-plated disc covered with a dimpled texture. On top of this is a smaller disc, also round, flat and gold-plated, with a smooth surface (I suspect it was placed there to give the necklace some contrast). The second disc is nearly half the size of the first disc. The final pendant is a small round citrine stone in a gold-plated halo setting. It sits atop the other two pendants, so all three pendants are visible at all times.
Here is it on Kate.
From the information above, it seems that one can request a necklace made for them if they so desired.

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