Large Morganite and Diamond Earrings

These glittery smoky quartz center stone earrings made an appearance at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds (October 2011).

Here is the most recent close up.

Photo credit: My Small Obsessions


They are quite large pendants. They look to be a large oval or round smoky quartz set in a large gold setting. The surface of the gold setting and the earring post is textured and stony in appearance.

I believe (as do others) that this is most likely costume jewelry.

The better close up gives us a more accurate view of these earrings. They appear to be morganite gemstones set in yellow gold, and clustered around the morganite are what appears to be white diamonds and possibly yellow diamonds.

I no longer believe these to be costume jewelry. I think they could be a wedding gift, possibly from a Middle Eastern royal. The extravagance of them and ostentatious design is more common among Middle Eastern jewelers.

Photo credit:

Here they are on Kate. She is wearing a beautiful Beulah dress.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:



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