[CLOSED] Giveaway: RepliKate for the Robinson Pelham Royal Wedding Earrings

The winner was chosen using random.org

Congratulations to intotemptation! Please email me at katemiddletonjewelry@gmail.com with your name and mailing address.

Thank you to everyone who entered. Please continue to check back for more giveaways.
To celebrate Kate and William’s fifth wedding anniversary, I am giving away a pair of earrings made to resemble Kate’s diamond wedding earrings.



To enter, comment below and answer this question:

“What was your favorite aspect of the Royal Wedding?” 

Was it the dress, the tiara, William’s Irish Guard’s colonel uniform, the crowds outside, the location?

You can earn additional entries by following me on Twitter and Pinterest  Just let me know in the comments what your Twitter handle/usernames are if they are different from your username here. If you have more than one Twitter account, only one entry will be entered (so following me on multiple accounts won’t earn you more entries).

The winner will be chosen on April 29, 2016. You have until April 28, 2016 to enter.


18 thoughts on “[CLOSED] Giveaway: RepliKate for the Robinson Pelham Royal Wedding Earrings

  1. Cool contest and great earrings! I think what I liked most was that it seemed to have a genuine family feel to it, despite the grandeur and royalty. That added a lot of warmth to the proceedings for me.


    1. I loved the suspense of finding out what Kate’s gown would look like. It was a mystery the entire car ride with her Dad from the hotel. When she exited the car, it was breathtaking.


  2. Another great giveaway?! You spoil us…I love a Royal Wedding as it brings lots of fabulous fashion and jewels together in one go – Bride/Groom; Royal Families from all over the globe etc. plus all the pomp and ceremony- Household Cavalry especially – just wonderful to see everyone in their finery with such a feel good factor!


  3. I loved Catherines smile that day.It was so pure and she was so happy.This made her even more beautiful and shine.Thank you for this great giveaway !


  4. I loved the way Kate waved to the crowd from the carriage – it was so natural and informal, like any of us would wave to friends, no “royal waves”. The whole day was fabulous though – I took a day of annual leave to sit and watch it all day!


  5. Her gown was stunning.I loved everything about the wedding.It was like a fairytale made of every little girl’s dreams!


  6. I love how involved people were with the wedding all over the world – it’s insane to think that millions of people all over the planet were following the wedding live! What a special day it was. I follow on Twitter as KaciBrianne.


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