Blabbing About Baubles: Morganite

Today I will be talking about pink morganite, which we’ve seen Kate wear once.

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Morganite is an aluminum beryllium silicate. It is known as  “pink beryl”, and among the beryls, morganite is the rarest form. The color can range from pale pink to peach to violet-pink (as shown in the photos above).

Morganite is named for American banker and gemstone collector J.P. Morgan. The two most significant morganite deposits are found in Brazil and Madagascar.  Some other noteworthy sources for fine gem-quality morganite include Afghanistan, China, Mozambique, Namibia, Russia, Zimbabwe and the USA (California and Maine). Pink morganite was first identified as such by gemologist George D. Kunz in 1910 in California (George was also a buyer for Tiffany & Company).

Morganite is not usually heated or alternated, but sometimes low heat is used to enhance the color and erase undesired yellow tones.

Morganite is considered to be somewhat rare. This could explain why Kate’s morganite drops are so expensive.

Kate’s morganite jewelry:

Kiki McDonough Morganite Cushion Drops 



2 thoughts on “Blabbing About Baubles: Morganite

  1. These are very pretty but I’m continually amazed that Kate doesn’t wear more precious jewellery. Though I guess given the backlash against her and William, she’s damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t. More expensive pieces would just be more likely to draw more harsh comments, I guess.


    1. I think, having grown up a commoner, she isn’t used to so much finery. She still even wears costume jewelry, so I think wearing large diamonds on a daily basis just isn’t her thing.

      I remember a while back you commented on this post:

      If it makes a difference, I heard these were a gift from Prince Harry. Kate didn’t choose these herself (which makes sense to me since they definitely aren’t her style).


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