Annoushka Eclipse Diamond Eternity Ring

Around early 2014 Kate started wearing this ring.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

From the website: ” “Brilliant-cut micro-pavé white diamonds with a cumulative weight of 0.23 carats are meticulously hand set into this 18ct white gold eternity ring, putting a uniquely modern twist on a classic piece of jewellery.”

The ring is set apart from typical eternity rings by its firm band of white gold on either side of the diamonds. Most eternity rings feature unbordered diamonds.

Here it is on Kate:


Photo credit:
Photo credit:


This item retails for $1,400.


5 thoughts on “Annoushka Eclipse Diamond Eternity Ring

  1. Did you notice on the vogue shoot she had these rings in a different order to usual? The engagement ring was last…I suspect she doesn’t wear the big ring at home with the kids that much…

    I have the same ring just not by Annoushka and in platinum…


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