Replikate for the Eye of Shiva Shell Earrings

I’ve been drawn to costume/non-fine jewelry lately, so Kate’s pre-marriage Eye of Shiva earrings started to appeal to me a couple of months ago. I searched Etsy for a pair which look similar to hers.

For comparison, here are Kate’s earrings:

kate shell

And here are mine:



I ordered them from Thailand. They took about three weeks to reach me.



Some Eye of Shiva earrings display the shell’s outer surface on the back. The shop I purchased these from capped the back with sterling silver discs.



The silver discs give them some weight and increase the likelihood of them swinging to the side.



I am happy with them  The earrings cost $18 USD and I paid $4 for shipping from Thailand to the U.S. It did take almost a month to reach me, so I must warn you that the seller is not known for fast shipping. Other than that my earrings arrived in perfect condition and as shown in photos.

Here is the link to Patmoo. 


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