Poll: Outfits and Accessories on this Blog?

An Instagram follower asked me if I could review on the blog a replikate shoe purchase I made.

I had intended for this blog to be devoted to Kate’s jewelry and reviews of her jewelry. Lately I have been wondering if I should expand it to include outfit posts and reviews on accessories. I have been gaining a stronger interest in replikating her dresses and other outfits.

Vote in the poll to let me know if you think we should branch out the blog’s topics.


3 thoughts on “Poll: Outfits and Accessories on this Blog?

  1. For what it’s worth – my view is, its your blog! You should write about whatever you want – you could make the shoes a one-off or have a special series for repliKate items or change ti all things Kate or Royalty or whatever – whatever makes it work for you…Lx

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  2. Have you considered branching out not in terms of other things worn by the Duchess (shoes, purses) but instead branching out in terms of jewelry worn by another woman in the public eye? I’m thinking of Secretary Clinton, who has an impressive collection of jewelry and is probably about to become even more widely photographed than she already is. That could be an interesting collection to document. Thanks for your blog.

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    1. Interesting. The blog has a following who are devoted to Kate (as am I) but I will keep your suggestion in mind. I recommend following Ayvee on Instagram because she is jewelry obsessed and often talks about the jewelry of an assortment of famous people.


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