Tips For Obtaining and Affording Replikates

A follower contacted me to ask how I manage to afford the replikates I buy. This post will offer advice and tips on developing a financial strategy that will allow you to purchase the replikates you covet.

1) Save money whenever and wherever possible:  When I am saving up for a replikate, I don’t buy $5 lattes or go out to lunch or buy magazines. I tell myself that the lattes can wait but the replikate is more important to me. If I reserve the money I spend on frivolous and unnecessary purchases, that means I will reach my financial goal (and the item I want to buy) much faster. I nearly always bring lunch to work so I can save money on eating out.

2) Set a savings goal: For example, I want to buy the Monica Vinader Siren Wire Earrings in Green Onyx. They cost $195 so my target goal is about $200. Once you settle on a real number, your goal becomes easier to focus on.

3) Check social media: Many replikaters change their minds about their purchases and put them up for sale. Some will resell at reduced prices and some will sell at full retail value. Either way, it is worth frequenting Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis to find out of stock or hard to find replikates.

4) Check EBay and use general search terms:  If specific search terms bring you no luck, try general search terms (ex: “LK Bennett dress” instead of “LK Bennett Cayla”. This is more of a repli-Diana and not a replikate, but I obtained a pair of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Venus earrings by using this search technique. The seller was unaware of the earrings’  true name or their famous connection. If I had searched for “MMA Venus earrings” instead of “MMA jewelry”,  my hunt would have most likely continued to be fruitless. I was even able to buy them at half price because the seller had no knowledge of their FRV.

5) Make lots of replikater friends: Apart from the fantastic and fulfilling friendships I have gained in the replikate community, I have been able to gain a few replikates through connections I’ve made online. An Italian friend sent me a pair of Accessorize earrings as a gift because replikating is not as prolific in Italy as it is in the U.S. The earrings were sold out in my country. I am very grateful to my friend for helping me out, and I know I would have never gotten them had she not mailed them to me.

6) Be patient:  Sometimes it takes weeks or months to finally get what you want. It took me a year to save up for the Catherine Zoraida Double Leaf earrings. It was agony waiting for them, but my patience paid off in the end!

7) Look at international sites and department stores: Many people look at the company website and forget that department stores and other businesses carry the same lines Kate wears. Check these sites for restocking events. If you are fortunate enough to live in a town that has such a department store, go directly to the store and physically search for the garment. Some stores include replikate items under general store sales. Neiman Marcus recently held a 20% off sale which applied to Kiki McDonough jewelry. Keeping an eye on department store sales could lead you to deeply discounted replikates.

8) Wait for holiday sales:  Many companies offer holiday sales. Links of London usually has a 20% off sale during the holiday season. Catherine Zoraida also offers discounted items at the end of the year (my Fern Hoop earrings were purchased for about $165 because they were discounted and I had a code for 10% off). I recall Claudia Bradby had a good sale going on in late August or early September, and the Camellia necklace was on sale at that time. Check the websites frequently for orders

9) Sell anything valuable you don’t need and do odd jobs for extra cash:  I sell off my old jewelry and other items then put the money toward my next replikate purchase. I baby-sit, clean apartments and fulfill cookie orders (people really enjoy my baked goods) to earn extra cash. If there is an odd job or side gig you are able to do, do it and put the money in your replikate savings.

I hope you found my advice useful and beneficial. Please comment below if you have advice to contribute.


2 thoughts on “Tips For Obtaining and Affording Replikates

  1. This is hugely interesting, thank you for sharing your replikate tips with us! One of my new year’s resolutions is to try and save up more for replikates. I have a designated piggy bank for replikate money, and my ultimate goal is to be able to afford some Kiki earrings…well, a girl can dream!
    I too will try to curb my coffee and magazine habit, it’s not much but does add up in the long run and worse of all you end up with nothing to show for all the money you spent.
    Also I second general ebay searches: most people have no idea what they’re selling, particularly if it’s an older replikate.


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