Asprey 167 Button Earrings

On February 4, 2017, at a relay race event to promote Heads Together at Olympic Park, Kate brought out the matching earrings to her 167 Button pendant necklace.

We were not sure about their provenance at first, but after examining photos I contacted Asprey and received confirmation.


The earrings’ components are the same as the pendant: “central amethyst stone, surrounded by pave diamonds, all set in 18ct white gold.”

Here they are on Kate.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

I do not currently know the price for these. If I find one I will update.


2 thoughts on “Asprey 167 Button Earrings

  1. I love the pendant, but the earrings are a bit too flat for my liking…Having said that, I was pretty chuffed to find I already own a relatively similar replikate in my collection: mine are surrounded by iolite stones instead of the plain gold border Kate’s have.


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