Dark Blue Bhutan Earrings

On April 15, 2016, Kate hiked up the Himalayas and stopped by a trinket shop. She purchased these earrings for about $7.


Photo credit: My Small Obsessions
Photo credit: My Small Obsessions


The ones on the right are a turquoise version which are similar to Kate’s. They feature a very elaborate four point design on top of an oval pendant made of what I believe to be brass and lapis lazuli (Anna of MSO believes they are lapis as well). Golden circles sit next to each other to form a chain at the bottom of the pendant, and in the center of this “chain” is a round, bordered golden disc, Blue beads dangle from the very bottom of the pendant by golden connectors.

Here they are on Kate:

Photo credit: www.zimbio.com
Photo credit: http://www.zimbio.com



Amrapali Lapis and Diamond Drop Earrings

On April 10, 2016, Kate attended a gala fundraiser in Mumbai, India.

She wore these prominent lapis and diamond earrings.

Photo credit: https://www.tribebyamrapali.com/
Photo credit: https://www.tribebyamrapali.com/

Here is the closeup:

Photo credit: www.whatkatewore.com
Photo credit: http://www.whatkatewore.com


The earrings are set in yellow gold and feature two lapis stones (one oval-shaped and one square-shaped). The two stones are suspended one above the other (square stone on top) and framed with tiny diamonds.

You can see the yellow gold from the back.

Image licensed to i-Images Picture Agency. 10/04/2016. Mumbai, India. The Duchess of Cambridge arriving at a Bollywood charity gala at the Taj Palace hotel in Mumbai on the first night of their tour of India and Bhutan. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images
Image licensed to i-Images Picture Agency. 10/04/2016. Mumbai, India. The Duchess of Cambridge arriving at a Bollywood charity gala at the Taj Palace hotel in Mumbai on the first night of their tour of India and Bhutan. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

These specific earrings are not available on any site I can find. The Kate fashion and accessory documenters used this image as what could have been an early design template for Kate’s earrings. We believe this to be a slightly different version.

Photo credit: www.gilt.com
Photo credit: http://www.gilt.com


This version of the earrings she wears costs $2,900. I imagine Kate’s earrings are priced around the same amount.   Kate’s earrings cost £1,360 or $1,958.

Here they are on Kate.

Photo credit: Splash News
Photo credit: Splash News

Deep Blue Stone Bracelet

Kate wore this bracelet to the 2006 Boodles Boxing Ball.

Photo credit: www.socialitelife.com
Photo credit: http://www.socialitelife.com


Here is the closeup:



I’ve been trying to properly name this color. It looks like a stormy deep blue with tones of green.

But in this photo, it looks more teal.

 Credit: Goff/INFphoto.com   Ref: kguk-42

Credit: Goff/INFphoto.com Ref: kguk-42


The bracelet is made of capsule-shaped stones (possibly quartz) set in gold plated metal and linked by four gold metal beads on each side of each capsule. I am assuming this is a stretch bracelet.

Lola Rose Open Heart Necklace

The Kate effect was in effect before she married William.

Back in 2005, Kate attended a horse trial event wearing this open heart necklace in a greenish-baby blue shade.


Photo credit: www.katemiddletonstyle.org
Photo credit: http://www.katemiddletonstyle.org


The necklace is no longer available for purchase. Kate Middleton’s Style did a great job of archiving the company’s information on it.

“As seen on Kate Middleton, the classic Lola Rose New Medium Open Heart Pendant is a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. You can feel special in any outfit with this pendant, as the cord can be tied at any length you choose to suit all necklines.”

The necklace is a cut-out heart pendant made of what looks to be either blue or aqua chalcedony. The heart is slightly lopsided and somewhat rounded. It’s attached to a suede cord wrapped around it at the top, near the center. There is no connector between the cord and the pendant.

It appears more blue on Kate.

Photo credit: www.myjewelrytrends.com
Photo credit: http://www.myjewelrytrends.com


Photo credit: www,coolspotters.com
Photo credit: www,coolspotters.com


Aquamarine Drop Earrings

Kate pulls out this pair of light blue stone and diamond earrings to wear with pale blue outfits.

Photo credit: www.tatianasdelights.com
Photo credit: http://www.tatianasdelights.com


Here is the closeup:

Photo credit: www.hrhduchesskate.blogspot.com
Photo credit: http://www.hrhduchesskate.blogspot.com

It’s a teardrop shaped stone (most likely aquamarine) set in what I believe is white gold. It looks like the setting’s face is crusted with diamonds. There is a line of 5 diamonds connecting the drop to a post.

Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/132426196846254/photos/a.286721141416758.71520.132426196846254/776624029093131/?type=1&permPage=1
Photo credit: My Small Obsessions


Kate wore them to a tea event in Kuala Lumpur (2012). They look lovely with her icy blue Temperley London dress.

Photo credit: www.whatkatewore.com
Photo credit: http://www.whatkatewore.com


Their most recent appearance was at this year’s Trooping the Colour.

Photo credit: www.zimbio.com
Photo credit: http://www.zimbio.com

No one has been able to identify the jewelry designer behind this piece. Many believe it’s Asprey, but no one is really sure.

Once I find out more about this pair of earrings, I will update.

Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

Shortly after she became engaged to William, Kate started wearing these sapphire and diamond earrings.

They sort of remind me of daisies. The way the diamonds cluster around the sapphire is reminiscent of a daisy flower. From what I have learned, this design is called a “halo setting”.

kate sap close


Many people believe (and I also believe this). that these earrings once belonged to Princess Diana. She wore them as stud earrings. They were reset with a diamond post so Kate could wear them as drop earrings (which is more her style).

Take a look at them side by side:



And here:

Photo credit: www.admidia.com
Photo credit: http://www.admidia.com

I definitely think these are the pair Kate was given. The most obvious reason these were chosen is because they go with her engagement ring.

A single sapphire cabachon set in what might be gold is surrounded by ten small diamonds. On Kate, there is one diamond attached to a post so that she might wear them as drop earrings.

Kate wears these quite frequently. They are her go-to pair of earrings whenever she wears a blue outfit.

ANZAC Day in Australia.

Photo credit: www,zimbio.com
Photo credit: www,zimbio.com


At the Royal Maritime Museum.

Photo credit: www.katescloset.co.au
Photo credit: http://www.katescloset.co.au

In Santa Barbara, California.

Photo credit: www.zimbio.com
Photo credit: http://www.zimbio.com

At EACH Children’s Hospice.

Photo credit: Press Association
Photo credit: Press Association


Kiki McDonough Kiki Classic Peridot and Blue Topaz Double Oval Studs

We’ve seen this pair on Kate just once. I’m desperately longing to see them again, because they are one of the most striking earring sets in her collection.

Photo credit: www.kiki.co.uk
Photo credit: http://www.kiki.co.uk


From the website: “A firm Kiki favourite; these double oval stud earrings come in an array of vibrant colour combinations and are exceptionally easy and fun to wear. This pair features stunning peridot, blue topaz and diamonds set in 18ct yellow gold.”

I want to point out that Kate’s pair actually does not have the diamonds shown in the stock photo. Hers have been replaced with smaller peridot stones.

Photo credit: www.hrhcatherineduchessofcambridge.blogspot.com
Photo credit: http://www.hrhcatherineduchessofcambridge.blogspot.com


An oval peridot sits atop a slightly larger oval blue topaz stone. To fill in the gap where these two meet, there are two small peridot stones nestled in the empty space.

Kate wore them to the African Cats premiere in April 2012. They complement her Matthew Williamson dress quite nicely.

Photo credit: www.urbansybaris.com
Photo credit: http://www.urbansybaris.com


The cost of these is £1,400 or $2,140.