Shopping With Kate: Zara Crystal Bead Necklace

I was surprised to see this necklace available on Ebay for just $45. It was $10 more than the original retail price, but still affordable for me.


The necklace is beautiful and very sparkly.





It is somewhat heavy and very much a statement piece. Some people feel that the necklace looked cheap on Kate when she wore it to the premiere of Mandela, but I think it is a very good example of how well made costume jewelry can be.

I am happy with my necklace and I think I will wear it to many events and parties.


Zara Crystal Necklace

Fashionistas and royal watchers all over the world were stunned when Kate appeared at the London premiere of “Mandela” wearing a $35 Zara necklace with her custom made Roland Mouret gown.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images


Kate could have chosen a very expensive diamond necklace to wear to this event. Instead, she went the opposite direction and selected a necklace that the average person could access (both financially and physically, as this was available in Zara stores for a time).

The necklace features a bib style with five rows of sparkly crystal beads which appear to be white or clear. The first two inner rows consist of small beads which look to be the same size on both rows. The next two rows consist of slightly larger beads. The final row consists of the largest beads on the necklace. The beads appear to be set in a metal frame, and not strung on wires. From photos I have seen, there is a lobster clasp in the back, on an adjustable chain.

Here is a look at her complete outfit.

Photo credit: Tim Rooke/REX
Photo credit: Tim Rooke/REX


This is available on Ebay from some sellers. There are also decent replicas being made and sold online.

The original Zara necklace cost £19.99 or $35 USD.